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To alleviate the end of summer blues we're introducing The Fall Raffle! Participating is easy: every thousand dollars of deposit equals one ticket for the raffle. The more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning!

Monthly, we'll announce the winners of the previous month, with three prizes up for grabs:

3rd Place: iWatch
2nd Place: iPhone
1st Place: MacBook
Monthly, we'll announce the winners of the previous
month, with three prizes up for grabs:
And after three months, we'll draw the grand prize – an all-expenses-paid trip to the Maldives!

Bonus up to 100%
You can receive a bonus up to 100% of your
deposit amount.

How it works?

You deposit $5,000 and get a $5,000 bonus on your deposit. The amount available for opening a trade is $10,000. This means that with bonus funds, you can engage in larger-volume trades and potentially gain more profit.

This serves as a way for us to offset the client's transaction costs.

does it mean?

Not a trading bonus

You can use bonus funds as leverage for trading. If a client experiences losses in their personal funds due to trading activities, the bonus credits will be deducted.

Trading bonus

Bonus funds can be fully used in trading

to get bonus? Image

Open an account, if you
didn’t do it before

Open account

Top up your account in
personal area

Personal area

Send your application by email or
through the fom on the websiter

Get bonus

42000 per BTCImage


We will compensate the difference between the current Bitcoin price and

the rate of 42,000 USDt
per 1 Bitcoin

You can deposit in Bitcoin, USDt, ETH or other deposit options. Send an application to participate in the promotion, and we will add the difference in the form of a bonus amount to your trading account. You can deposit amounts equal to the whole Bitcoin or part of it - there are no restrictions. Terms and conditions here

How to get special rate?

18% per annum

We charge 18% per annum on funds in the trading account that are not involved in trading

How often
does interest calculation occur?
Every day! Image
Interest is credited to the trading account at the end of the month.
What can I do
with the accrued interest?

Trade on them or withdraw*

Why do you
charge IR?

We value our customers and give them interest under the loyalty program

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