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Your exclusive opportunity to receive improved trading conditions. For one week only, new Strifor clients can open an Advanced and Professional account with a 50% discount on deposit!

What do you need to do to claim your offer?
1. Open a trading account
2. Deposit an amount of $5,000 or more for an Advanced account and an amount of $10,000 or more for a Professional account.
3. Send a request via telegram or email to change the account type and trade on the most favorable terms!


Are you already our client?

Top up your account with an amount of $1000 or more and receive 100% of your deposit to your account*
How to get 100%? 3 simple steps:
1. Top up your account
2. Submit a bonus request
3. Activate the bonus in your personal account
What does 100% on a deposit give?
You can enter a trade with a larger lot and get more profit from your trade!
Strifor - We Always Pay
*Funds are credited as a bonus and are available for withdrawal when 1 lot is worked out for every $5 of bonus.

We offer two types of bonus promotions:

50% trading account discount 100% bonus with reduced processing per lot

What does it mean?

Trading account

You get better trading conditions with a smaller deposit.

Black friday bonus

To transfer the bonus to a deposit you need to trade only 1 lot for every $5 bonus.

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Open a risk-free demo account to practice trading. Ready to trade on the real market? Open a real account and start trading!
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How to get a deposit bonus?

Depending on the promotion’s terms, you either need to replenish your account and immediately claim the bonus in your personal account, or send a request via email after making a deposit.

You can find detailed terms and conditions of ongoing promotions here:

Conditions of current promotions

Can I withdraw bonuses?

Absolutely! To achieve this, you'll need to trade a specific trading volume. For every $1 in bonus funds received, you must execute trades with a total volume of $40,000. A 1-lot order for Forex group instruments corresponds to 200,000 units (1 lot = 100,000 units of the base currency, which is the first currency in the currency pair. Both opening and closing volumes are considered).

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    $1,000 Bonus

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    Amount to work out 1,000*40,000 = 40,000,000

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    Number of lots 40,000,000/200,000 = 200 lots

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    Result: If every day you make 3 transactions with 1 lot, then the bonus will be worked out in about 3 months.

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