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Strifor offers its clients to receive bonus funds to replenish their trading account. On a regular basis, there is a promotion

What is a deposit bonus? This is a thank you to our customers for choosing Strifor. We increase funds and our clients can open more trades - buy and sell more lots - and make more profit. Thus, we compensate the client for the costs of transactions.


How it works?

You deposit $5,000 and get a $5,000 bonus on your deposit. General the amount for which you can open a deal is $10,000. Thus, with bonus funds, you can open trades in larger volumes and get more profit. Thus, we compensate the client for the costs of transactions.

We offer two types of bonus promotions:

Trading bonus Non-trading bonus

What does it mean?

Not a trading bonus

Bonus funds can be used in trading as leverage. If the client, as a result of trading activity, goes into the red on his own funds, then the credits are written off.

Trading bonus

Bonus funds can be fully used in trading.

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How to get a deposit bonus?

Depending on the conditions of the promotion, you either need to replenish your account and immediately pick up the bonus in your personal account, or send a request by e-mail after replenishment.

Detailed terms and conditions of current promotions can be found here:

Can I withdraw bonuses?

Yes! To do this, you need to trade a certain trading volume. For 1 $ of bonus funds received, you need to open deals for a volume of 70,000 dollars. A 1-lot order of the currency pairs works out 200,000 units (1 lot = 100,000 units of the base currency, which is the first in the currency pair. The volume for opening and closing is taken into account)

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    $1,000 Bonus

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    Amount to work out 1,000*70,000 = 70,000,000

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    Number of lots 70,000,000/200,000 = 350 lots

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    Result: If every day you make 3 transactions with 1 lot, then the bonus will be worked out in about 4 months.