Fall Raffle

To alleviate the end of summer blues we're introducing The Fall Raffle!
Participating is easy: every thousand dollars of deposit equals one ticket for the raffle.
The more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning! Detailed conditions
Monthly, we'll announce the winners of the previous
month, with three prizes up for grabs:
Prize image
1st Place:
Prize image
2nd Place:
Prize image
3rd Place:
And after three months, we'll draw the grand prize –
an all-expenses-paid trip to the Maldives!


If I withdraw funds from my account after receiving the number, will I still be eligible for the raffle?

If you withdraw funds that were deposited into the raffle participant's account, the assigned registration numbers for the raffle participant (proportionally to the withdrawn amount and starting from the last issued registration number) will be invalidated and won't be eligible for the draw. However, withdrawing profits from the raffle participant's account is allowed.

How will I know if I've won?

The raffle results, which include the winning registration numbers, are posted on the website, social media platforms, and the Company's Telegram channel. Additionally, winners of the raffle will receive notifications via email using the address provided during the registration of their personal account. To ensure you receive the results, remember to follow our social media accounts: https://socprofile.com/strifor/

How can I confirm my registration?

Upon successful registration, you will receive an email from the Company containing the assigned registration numbers.

Can I win several times?


How many numbers can I receive?

We don’t limit the amount of numbers.

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